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Teaching and sports coaching in South Africa

Pays d’action: Afrique du Sud, Afrique
Type d’activité: Sport, Enseignement
Immerse yourself in the local community as an English teacher or sports coach - or both! Go into local schools with a group of volunteers to help children develop their knowledge, sporting abilities, motivation and enjoyment. Sports include football, tennis, swimming, rugby, cricket, netball and basketball.

Description du projet et du rôle des volontaires

Teaching and childcare

Being able to speak and understand English is vital for marginalised kids growing up in South Africa. Having these skills will stand them in really good stead later on in life. This is where you come in:

  • Spend your days motivating children to learn in schools, helping them to improve their conversational English and of course receiving plenty of hugs and smiles whilst you are at it.
  • If you are more interested in caring for younger children, you can spend your mornings getting involved at a local nursery. Help with preparing food, playing games and feeding the little ones and generally becoming a human climbing frame before they head off for their afternoon nap!

If you love to have fun and have a big-heart then this programme is probably for you. There will never be a dull moment and you are guaranteed to be busy and kept on your toes.

Sports coaching

Open up a world of opportunity to underprivileged children by coaching sports in township schools. Inspired by their sporting heroes, these kids are delighted to be given the chance to excel in sports which they cannot formally learn at school. For many of the children, this is a turning point in their lives. This is where you come in:

  • Coach football, tennis, rugby, cricket, hockey, swimming and netball in a combination of township schools.
  • Coach at three schools per day, five days a week, helping hundreds of children each week.

Volunteers are often amazed by the perseverance and passion of the children that they come into contact with. The programme feeds many of the children in the schools, and sponsors the best sporting achievers through secondary school. This is often life changing.


Both projects are based in and around Port Elizabeth which is known as the “friendly city.” Situated on the coast, it boasts activities from water sports to shopping, with a great range of bars and restaurants to enjoy.

Please note that for all of our projects you are required to pay in British Pounds, and that the price conversion to Euros shown on this website was made on 20/4/2018 and will change with the exchange rate.

L’organisation de volontariat se présente

Gap year and travel specialist organisation. We are an experienced and well established organisation which has been sending volunteers on exciting projects across 23 countries since 1999. We supply valuable, meaningful and worthwhile volunteering projects abroad including animal welfare, childcare, teaching and conservation.
En savoir plus sur nos critères de sélection pour choisir nos organisations partenaires.

Fiche technique de la mission

Pays d’action :
Afrique du Sud, Afrique
Type d'activité :
Durée de la mission :
Minimum: 4 semaines / 1 Mois
Maximum: 3 mois
Frais de participation à la mission :
(contacter l’organisation pour une liste de prix complète)
4 semaines/1 mois : 1450 €
8 semaines/2 mois : 1950 €
3 mois : 2600 €
Pourquoi payer pour faire du volontariat ?

* Toutes les indications de prix sont fournies par l’organisation de volontariat sans garantie. Si l’organisation ne facture pas en Euros, les prix réels peuvent varier en fonction du cours de change.
Disponibilité de la mission :
A number of departure dates throughout the year, based on the school calendar.
Age minimum :
17 ans
Age maximum :
pas d'âge maximum
Placement individuelle ou en groupe ?
Individuelle / Groupe
Maîtrise de langues :
Can understand and speak good English.
Qualifications particulières :
You don't need any specific experience but patience, enthusiasm and a good attitude go a really long way on this programme.
Hébergement & repas :
Accommodation is in a lovely leafy area of Port Elizabeth. The accommodation includes gym facilities, a games room including pool table, table tennis, table football and darts, a swimming pool and TV lounge. All your meals are provided by a local cook, who prepares your dinner each evening, a packed lunch out to the schools and large buffet breakfast.

Obtenir plus d’informations gratuitement

  • Recevez immédiatement un e-mail avec le site web et le n° de téléphone de l’organisation de volontariat
  • Recevez gratuitement notre guide avec une check-list à imprimer
  • Un guide de conversation en cadeau, si vous vous inscrivez plus tard
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Le guide du volontariat à l’étranger

Comment choisir la bonne organisation de volontariat ?

Si vous utilisez notre formulaire de contact, nous vous offrons en plus notre guide de plus de 20 pages « Comment choisir la bonne organisation de volontariat ? » au format PDF. Il contient entre autres une check-list avec plus de 50 critères de sélection pour facilement évaluer vos options.