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About us

guidisto-volontariat.fr is the independent portal in French language for flexible and responsible volunteering abroad.

We strive to make the volunteering sector better. We want to help organisations who have a positive impact recruit more French speaking volunteers, and motivate the others to become better.

We have an application process in place because we accept only organisations that share these goals. Not every volunteer project or organisation can present its projects on our portal.

If you want to add your volunteering projects to our site, please email us at info @ guidisto-volontariat.fr. Know that we can’t offer our service free of charge (contact us for more details).

Please note that we take the selection process of our partner organisations very seriously. If you are interested and if you would like to enter the application process, it will save everybody involved time, if you provide the following information and documents from the start:

  • Information on your legal set-up. Company? Charity? Something else? Please provide scans of your registration documents and/or links to online databases where we can check this information.
  • Since when are you running volunteering programs? How many volunteers have you had already?
  • What is your project selection process?
  • Which of your permanent staff members speaks English and/or French?
  • Detailed description of your volunteer selection process and on your volunteers’ activities, including detailed pricing information.
  • Any proof of third party recognition. This might be for example : prices that your organisation has won, membership in industry networks, renowned organisations in which your volunteers do the voluntary work, other forms of partnership, etc.
    This is not mandatory, but if you have partnerships with reputable organisations it helps us to assess your reliability.

We are looking forward to learn more about your organisation and your projects.