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!!! Online !!! Remote Internship: Teaching at Schools in Tanzania

Pays d’action: Tanzanie, Afrique
Type d’activité: Missions humanitaires, Enseignement
Remote internships are a fantastic opportunity if you can't easily travel internationally, but you still want to work with a foreign organization! With this remote internship you will not only support Tanzanian teachers in planning and designing their lessons, but gain exciting intercultural teaching and learning experiences at the same time.

Description du projet et du rôle des volontaires

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    Prepare educational materials about different topics
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    Develop interactive lessons together with a local teacher from Tanzania
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    Save travel expenses and additional accommodation costs by working from home!
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    Become more passionate about your major and propel your career with international experience
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    Use your time at home most efficiently and gain intercultural work experience

In the city of Moshi at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, we work with several Primary and Secondary schools. In addition to government and private schools that adhere to the national curriculum (formal schools) there are also schools that are generally referred to as "Informal Schools". These are schools that typically are run by NGOs, churches or community initiatives with the idea to support those children who for various reasons, don't attend any formal school. These children don't have the education levels which they should have for their age.

Particularly in public and informal schools, classrooms are often overcrowded and teachers do not always have enough time to dedicate extra time to children who need more support in class, or to prepare interactive teaching concepts. Volunteers who help them prepare for the lessons make an important contribution to providing students with a high quality learning experience.

As a remote intern, you can comfortably work from home and gain international work experience at the same time.

Your tasks include:

* Plan lessons: You will help the teachers plan interactive and fun lessons, e.g. in Biology, Maths or English. The aim is to create a concept and content for lessons that the teachers on-site can use to help them save time that they can instead spend to look after the students.

Evaluation and correction of homework: You will support the teachers with corrections of homework and project work.

Creating teaching materials: You will develop teaching materials and resources that the teachers can easily use in class and that make everyday school life more varied and interactive.

L’organisation de volontariat se présente

Depuis 2007, nous nous consacrons à l'échange interculturel et à l’éducation dans le monde entier. Notre objectif est de favoriser la compréhension entre les cultures. Les expériences et les compétences interculturelles que vous pouvez acquérir en participant à notre programme augmentent l’empathie entre les peuples et favorisent une coexistence mondiale plus juste.

Covid-19 update: Our programs in Japan, Germany, Ireland, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya, South Africa, China, Morocco, Bolivia and Ecuador are available and you can book your stay with us straight away! For all other countries we have the latest travel information ready for you and you can book your spot for all future trips now!

If entry into your host country is not possible at your desired time due to Covid-19, you can postpone your stay free of charge to a later date or cancel it up to 14 days before the start of the trip without additional costs.

For quick bookers we offer a discount of 50 EUR on our service package (for bookings within 30 days of the initial inquiry).
En savoir plus sur nos critères de sélection pour choisir nos organisations partenaires.

Fiche technique de la mission

Pays d’action :
Tanzanie, Afrique
Type d'activité :
Missions humanitaires,Enseignement
Durée de la mission :
Minimum: 2 semaines
Maximum: 6 mois
Frais de participation à la mission :
(contacter l’organisation pour une liste de prix complète)
2 semaines : 450 €
4 semaines/1 mois : 450 €
8 semaines/2 mois : 550 €
3 mois : 650 €
6 mois : 950 €
Pourquoi payer pour faire du volontariat ?

* Toutes les indications de prix sont fournies par l’organisation de volontariat sans garantie. Si l’organisation ne facture pas en Euros, les prix réels peuvent varier en fonction du cours de change.
Disponibilité de la mission :
Year round. Please contact us for school holiday periods.
Age minimum :
18 ans
Age maximum :
pas d'âge maximum
Placement individuelle ou en groupe ?
Maîtrise de langues :
You should be able to communicate in English fluently (in speaking and writing).
Qualifications particulières :
Pas nécessaire
Hébergement & repas :
Pas de précisions

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  • Recevez gratuitement notre guide avec une check-list à imprimer
  • Un guide de conversation en cadeau, si vous vous inscrivez plus tard
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Si vous utilisez notre formulaire de contact, nous vous offrons en plus notre guide de plus de 20 pages « Comment choisir la bonne organisation de volontariat ? » au format PDF. Il contient entre autres une check-list avec plus de 50 critères de sélection pour facilement évaluer vos options.