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Support Tibetan Refugees in India & a Local Community in Nepal!

Pays d’action: Népal, Asie
Type d’activité: Missions humanitaires, Enseignement
Get involved in an award-winning project for Tibetan refugees in the hometown of the Dalai Lama in India and support community work in Nepal! Both projects will surely impress you and also the welcoming people living there and the stories they have to tell. Additionally we designed a program around these projects to show you the beauty of these countries, e.g. a trek on the Mount Everest!

Description du projet et du rôle des volontaires

Community Volunteering Project - Nepal: The project aims at supporting basic needs of a local community in Pokhara. Past projects e.g. were teaching English in a monastery or in a school to the children, getting creative with music, art, painting or drawing with them. Pokhara is surrounded by beautiful nature, directly on a lake and you can see the Annapurna mountains in the distance! In your free time you might want to do a boat tour, see the bat caves there or even try paraglyding.

Project with Tibetan Refugees – India: The project is based in the hometown of the Dalai Lama, Dharamsala, and really unique and awarded! You help Tibetan refugees to find their way in their new home in India, monks and nuns to gain English knowledge and also local Indians and people from Himalayan region to fulfil basic needs. Your help is needed in tasks like teaching, help in the soup kitchen, play with the children in the Daycare Center while their parents need to earn money, support the project "Clean Water" and much more - always depending on current needs. The project tries to create an atmosphere of harmony an maintaining the unique culture of these people. The project is completely depending on donations and voluntary work.

Besides the projects we will discover the beauty of both countries! We will see the Chitwan National Park, trek a part of the Mount Everest, spend a cultural week in India (Taj Mahal, bazaars & cooking class) and see Udaipur and Mumbai before the program ends with a beach week in Goa after all these activitites! If you want to discover these countries comprehensively and also get involved in voluntary work on the way this could be made for you!

L’organisation de volontariat se présente

Our programs run throughout the year, usually between 4 to 12 weeks and contain either voluntary work, internships or courses worldwide. Areas we cover are widely spread and themes like healthcare, education, wildlife conservation as well as animal and nature protection in general are areas we focus on. Our programs can be individualized to a certain degree or combined with each other. Simply ask
En savoir plus sur nos critères de sélection pour choisir nos organisations partenaires.

Fiche technique de la mission

Pays d’action :
Népal, Asie
Type d'activité :
Missions humanitaires,Enseignement
Durée de la mission :
Minimum: 4 semaines / 1 Mois
Maximum: 8 semaines / 2 mois
Frais de participation à la mission :
(contacter l’organisation pour une liste de prix complète)
4 semaines/1 mois : 3100 €
8 semaines/2 mois : 4500 €
Pourquoi payer pour faire du volontariat ?

* Toutes les indications de prix sont fournies par l’organisation de volontariat sans garantie. Si l’organisation ne facture pas en Euros, les prix réels peuvent varier en fonction du cours de change.
Disponibilité de la mission :
Start dates: Usually March and October for 4 weeks (Nepal) or 8 weeks (Nepal and India)
Age minimum :
18 ans
Age maximum :
pas d'âge maximum
Placement individuelle ou en groupe ?
Individuelle / Groupe
Maîtrise de langues :
Qualifications particulières :
You should be interested in people and their stories, be open-minded and like getting to know new cultures and ways to live and like to be activ! We look for volunteers who are empathic and want to support during project phases and want to combine that with travelling to get to know these countries!
Hébergement & repas :
Accommodation: Hostel, Hotel, Camping, Guest Houses and Tea Houses. Always basic but comfortable. Meals: 3 meals per day are inclusive. Both countries are well known for their fantastic food like rice/vegetables/Chipatis/Currys! Western food occasionally possible in bigger cities like Kathmandu & Delhi e.g.

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  • Recevez gratuitement notre guide avec une check-list à imprimer
  • Un guide de conversation en cadeau, si vous vous inscrivez plus tard
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Le guide du volontariat à l’étranger

Comment choisir la bonne organisation de volontariat ?

Si vous utilisez notre formulaire de contact, nous vous offrons en plus notre guide de plus de 20 pages « Comment choisir la bonne organisation de volontariat ? » au format PDF. Il contient entre autres une check-list avec plus de 50 critères de sélection pour facilement évaluer vos options.