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Ko Tao Marine Conservation Internship

Pays d’action: Thaïlande, Asie
Type d’activité: Ecovolontariat
Support us on the breath taking island of Koh Tao in Marine Conservation! Learn to dive, get in depth knowledge of important topics and methods of marine conservation and apply your knowledge under water. You will conduct surveys, take part in beach clean ups, maintain coral nurseries and all of this with a dedicated team of professionals who will make you part of their marine conservation family!

Description du projet et du rôle des volontaires

25% of marine dwellers live in coral reefs which is impressive as coral reefs don’t account for more than 1% of the surface of the ocean. Your placement in Koh Tao is a dream destination for tourists and worldwide hot spot for divers. This is not surprising – the scenery is perfect for every postcard: crystal clear water, an incredible biodiversity, white sand beaches and almost always sunshine throughout the year. Nature protection efforts though are only in its beginnings. Together with an engaged team of professionals who put their heart and soul into changing this, we are active in more than 25 dive spots around the island – and here is where you get active.

We collect valid data, research the global and local dangers and their effects and develop solutions for the future. As a volunteer you will get a professional dive training, important theoretical knowledge and you will apply this under water in a variety of projects.

Dive Training: RAID Open Water, Advanced Open Water and Ecological Diver

Theory: Marine Conservation, Marine Ecology, Methodology for professional research

Surveys/Practicals: Two dives each day related to morning classroom session e.g. further developing knowledge and understanding from the new morning topic, underwater skill development, survey practice, research dives, nursery maintenance, data collection, Beach Clean ups, etc.

The outcome will help to improve the health of the ocean in Koh Tao as we will get knowledge about its current status and over time and plan actions. With your help we can find out more about corals, reef organisms and whole ecosystems.
The program will run on 5 days a week.

We begin the day with a breakfast, get our theoretical knowledge in presentations in the classroom and then do our diving in the afternoon. After this we will put the collected data into the system and have a debrief of the day. After this enjoy your well deserved dinner – it will taste fabulous!

Saturdays and Sundays are free time. There are countless options you might want to try: snorkeling, hiking, local cooking classes, beachvolleyball, paddle boarding, kite surfing, BBQ at the beach, cinema, full moon party (monthly) or simply chill out with our team or enjoy some relaxation on the beach or around the island.

L’organisation de volontariat se présente

Our mission is to help young people become global citizens through authentic, responsible travel experiences which aid self-discovery and personal development.Through our range of school group trips, gap year programs, volunteering and professional development courses, we aim to provide a unique collection of travel styles designed for different stages of life.We constantly strive to deliver the best possible experiences for our customers and are guided by three core values:Community Nurturing a community of like-minded individuals and expert guides who share an enthusiasm for exploration and making a positive impactMeaningful Travel Transformative experiences which blend cultural immersion, meaningful service projects, and thrilling expeditions for those seeking more from their journeyBeyond the Ordinary Thoughtfully designed journeys to inspire personal growth, cultural understanding, and a deep connection to the global community
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Fiche technique de la mission

Pays d’action :
Thaïlande, Asie
Type d'activité :
Durée de la mission :
Minimum: 4 semaines / 1 Mois
Maximum: 8 semaines / 2 mois
Frais de participation à la mission :
(contacter l’organisation pour une liste de prix complète)
4 semaines/1 mois : 3000 €
8 semaines/2 mois : 4500 €
3 mois : 6250 €
Pourquoi payer pour faire du volontariat ?

* Toutes les indications de prix sont fournies par l’organisation de volontariat sans garantie. Si l’organisation ne facture pas en Euros, les prix réels peuvent varier en fonction du cours de change.
Disponibilité de la mission :
The project starts 4 times a year (around Mar, Jul, Oct) and you can join for 4 or 8 weeks. We are happy to send you the actual dates on request.
Age minimum :
18 ans
Age maximum :
pas d'âge maximum
Placement individuelle ou en groupe ?
Individuelle / Groupe
Maîtrise de langues :
Qualifications particulières :
You don’t need any pre-experience in diving! If you are interested in Marine Conservation, professional diving and project work you are the perfect candidate for us. On site we speak English and you need to be fit to dive (we will provide you with a document for your doctor to sign) – the rest will come from alone. Our team will give you a warm welcome!
Hébergement & repas :
Your group will be in a guest house (hostel style, single sex dorms) which is in short distance to the dive shop where you will be trained and restaurant where you get breakfast and dinner. What you need to organize besides this is: flights, travel health insurance (diving up to 40 metres covered), Visa, vaccinations, pocket money. Then you are ready to go!

Obtenir plus d’informations gratuitement

  • Recevez immédiatement un e-mail avec le site web et le n° de téléphone de l’organisation de volontariat
  • Recevez gratuitement notre guide avec une check-list à imprimer
  • Un guide de conversation en cadeau, si vous vous inscrivez plus tard
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Le guide du volontariat à l’étranger

Comment choisir la bonne organisation de volontariat ?

Si vous utilisez notre formulaire de contact, nous vous offrons en plus notre guide de plus de 20 pages « Comment choisir la bonne organisation de volontariat ? » au format PDF. Il contient entre autres une check-list avec plus de 50 critères de sélection pour facilement évaluer vos options.