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Ghana Community Volunteering

Pays d’action: Ghana, Afrique
Type d’activité: Missions humanitaires, en faveur d‘enfants et de jeunes, Enseignement
Join our volunteer teaching placement in the friendliest nation in Africa — gain teaching experience while changing the lives of local children and school teachers. Teach in a classroom as a volunteer teacher, or as a volunteer sports coach. Further options available - please just ask for what you look for! Organization is constantly building new partnerships with projects in need.

Description du projet et du rôle des volontaires

Help Ghana - Ghana's education is still in its developmental stage due to inadequate funding that has drastically affected the quality in teaching and facilities necessary for a better education. Take this vital opportunity to impact your knowledge in helping teach subjects like Maths, English, Science, History and foreign languages in schools in Accra.

Your Role - Offer inspiring and exciting lessons that will improve literacy, numeracy, and communication skills. Help with lesson planning and more! You will be encouraged to introduce your own ideas and get involved with extra-curricular activities which might include art and design, drama, music, sport or the production of a school newspaper. Above all, we want to give you the flexibility to decide how you can best contribute to the school environment and education in Ghana.

Coach During School Hours - Help lead PE lessons at local schools, run and supervise training sessions and organising matches with other clubs with the help of local coaches! Work with players on an individual basis, giving you the chance to utilize your own skills and ideas, helping local players to be the best that they can be!

Coach Variety of Sports - You have the opportunity to volunteer coach Football, Rugby, Netball, Hockey, Tennis, Basketball and more! We will tailor make your experience so that you get the most out of your travels.

Community Projects - We run a variety of community projects in Ghana, including teaching, care work and working in underprivileged children’s centres. You are welcome to build volunteering at these projects into your itinerary and we would welcome the support during your stay. Make your experience in Ghana as meaningful as possible!

L’organisation de volontariat se présente

Our programs run throughout the year, usually between 4 to 12 weeks and contain either voluntary work, internships or courses worldwide. Areas we cover are widely spread and themes like healthcare, education, wildlife conservation as well as animal and nature protection in general are areas we focus on. Our programs can be individualized to a certain degree or combined with each other. Simply ask

Covid-19 Policy

When will we be able to accept volunteers again?
We have regrettably cancelled all of our trips and courses that were due to go ahead in Spring and Summer 2020. Our next scheduled trips will be not be departing until October 2020. We remain optimistic that are programs will return to normality by this time, but we are of course constantly monitoring the situation and are making decisions about the operation of our trips and courses on a rolling basis, based on the departure date. We have, however, begun to accept bookings from participants for trips in October 2020 which is great news and very encouraging.
We look forward to getting back to running our trips around the world, just as soon as it is safe, practical, and responsible to do so.

Can you apply now for future trips & courses?
Of course! We are currently taking bookings for trips and courses due to depart in October and beyond. Our ability to secure you a place on future trips has not been affected and we are planning future trips as usual.

What is your refund policy in light of Covid-19?
In light of the uncertainty surrounding international travel, we have recently launched flexible bookings for trips departing in 2020. You are now able to book a place on any program departing in 2020 with a fully refundable deposit plus free cancellations and changes up to 60 days before travel.
En savoir plus sur nos critères de sélection pour choisir nos organisations partenaires.

Fiche technique de la mission

Pays d’action :
Ghana, Afrique
Type d'activité :
Missions humanitaires,en faveur d‘enfants et de jeunes,Enseignement
Durée de la mission :
Minimum: 4 semaines / 1 Mois
Maximum: 3 mois
Frais de participation à la mission :
(contacter l’organisation pour une liste de prix complète)
4 semaines/1 mois : 1800 €
8 semaines/2 mois : 3000 €
3 mois : 4200 €
Pourquoi payer pour faire du volontariat ?

* Toutes les indications de prix sont fournies par l’organisation de volontariat sans garantie. Si l’organisation ne facture pas en Euros, les prix réels peuvent varier en fonction du cours de change.
Disponibilité de la mission :
You can select your start date! Only restriction is capacity at the Volunteer house. Your help will always be needed in several projects!
Age minimum :
18 ans
Age maximum :
pas d'âge maximum
Placement individuelle ou en groupe ?
Individuelle / Groupe
Maîtrise de langues :
Good level of English is an advantage.
Qualifications particulières :
Patience and flexibility
Hébergement & repas :
You will be collected from the airport and given a welcome briefing. We all live in one student house with our own cook and cleaner, so you will make friends from all around the world.

Obtenir plus d’informations gratuitement

  • Recevez immédiatement un e-mail avec le site web et le n° de téléphone de l’organisation de volontariat
  • Recevez gratuitement notre guide avec une check-list à imprimer
  • Un guide de conversation en cadeau, si vous vous inscrivez plus tard
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Phone number
Zip code / City
Questions and motivations*
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Le guide du volontariat à l’étranger

Comment choisir la bonne organisation de volontariat ?

Si vous utilisez notre formulaire de contact, nous vous offrons en plus notre guide de plus de 20 pages « Comment choisir la bonne organisation de volontariat ? » au format PDF. Il contient entre autres une check-list avec plus de 50 critères de sélection pour facilement évaluer vos options.